The Atlas - Matching, Alerting, and Posting Tools for the IT Industry

If you don't respond to a WTB/RFQ within 10 minutes of the post, chances are the deal is done.

Never miss an opportunity again!.

Match Want To Buy (WTB) and Request For Quotes (RFQ) against your Inventory.

Receive actionable Alerts in realtime.

Organize Vendor Offers.


Increase Sales, Perfmormance, and Efficiency - while saving time!

With over 15+ years in the primary and secondary IT markets - we increase sales opportunities, inventory liquidity and demand while decreasing procuring costs.



Simply upload your inventory to our system



Our intelligent matching algorithms alert you to postive matches.



Proactive procuring solutions reduce time, overlap, and increase the bottom line.


Increased Sales

Our comprehensive solutions provide overall productivity, efficienty - saving time and money while increasing sales.

Small devices
  • Platform

    While we do maintain a platform presence, we have found that the functionality and our core mission to deliver increased sales while saving time, we have found our preferred solution is email based.

  • Easy to Use

    Providing the least friction of usage as possible, we were able to narrow down the usage points to value delivery to a couple key actions. Something easily done within a few minutes.

  • Mobile Ready

    The site was designed to be mobile ready, however most users just receive alerts to a mobile email client.


  • How much does it cost?

    We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual subsriptions. We work with small and mid-size brokers. We will discuss pricing options prior to your trial expiration.

  • I only buys from the wholesale markets, can I still use Atlas?

    You are our preferred customer! We have work with companies who primarily sell wholesale and/or retail as well as companies that procure in the wholesale market. We do not offer an retail services.

  • Do I need to belong to am Industry Trade Association?

    No, you do not. Although trade associations were good many years ago in providing value added benefits most have just become clubs to go to location parties semi-annually.

  • How will this save time?

    Rather than having to sort through hundreds of emails a day, the tools will provide immediate alerts that are matched against your inventory. So you see what you want to see in a very timely fashion.

  • How will I increase my Sales Opportunities?

    After receiving the alert, it is up to you to contact the potential buyer to discuss terms of the deal and conclude it.

  • How will I decrease my costs?

    If you spend 6 hours a day scanning emails and then after subscribing to our service, you only spend 30 minutes or less respinding to alerts you have saved 5 1/2 hours. What is your time worth per hour? $25, $50, $100? What ELSE could you be doing with the time wasted scanning emails? Cold Calling? Warm Calling? Other marketing and sales activities...?

Meet the Staff

Our team is virtual....

Read why our customers recommend Atlas:

This is a game changer.

– Brian Metzger
Wholesale Procurement Manager at Vology


– Paul Hultman
Broker/Dealer Sales & Purchasing at SummitIR

No need for anything else.

– Scott Hobin
CEO at Hula Networks

Now I have extra time in the day to catch up on things.

– Ryan Byers
CEO at NOC Supply